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Concatenation combines several CSS or JS files into one file. If your CSS skills are good then be sure to use image sprites where possible. I will answer as soon as humanly possible to give you some advice.

Concatenation combines several CSS or JS files into one file. If your CSS skills are good then be sure to use image sprites where possible. I will answer as soon as humanly possible to give you some advice. In this article I try to give you some pointers to make it easy to chose between the two popular content management systems. But taking it for granted and not to give it a proper care can result in a problem. With Joomla, you do not run into this problem because menus are controlled via the control panel and attributes like dates, author name etc, can be turned on and off per article or for the whole site in one go. When your customers are looking for to solve the problem and they found before, and their company to solve the problem logically, they call you to help them solve the problems of the other. This company was devoted to helping users have a lot of facilities to help them with web hosting.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site (Ultimate 2019 Guide) WordPress development is the best web development platform available today for websites. Note: this won’t work for Kinsta clients and will break functionality on our platform. You may notice the two services both use an API to everything work better for you. Although it may not apply to WordPress, it is good to have an idea. Uploading large media files such as images, info-graphics and videos to your WordPress website is generally not a good practice as it adversely increases the size of the uploads folder. The improvements to the images, integrated gallery creation and media uploading were introduced in the WordPress release in 2012. There were more improved features in this version than new features. Because of a protocol called HTTP/2, a lot of times, those running properly optimized sites over HTTPS can even see speed improvements. WP Super Cache – This plugin will help you speed up your websites load time by serving cached pages along with some other brilliant features.

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Like data from deleted plugin metadata, past theme changes and post revisions. Sometimes those changes will be costly, others peanuts. 3. You can integrate Facebook Comments into your posts, these posts will then be visible on readers’ profile, therefore promoting your content to their friends. In addition, it also notifies all major search engines every time you create and post new content. If more than a certain number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same IP range, then the login function is disabled for all requests from that range. There are many more WordPress themes available than there are XPRS themes, XPRS themes look great and are very easy to change without any coding knowledge. Many themes are designed to look good rather than to enhance WordPress SEO. Adapting the look is simple if you are happy with changing some colors and the logo. If you are looking for a more simple WordPress security solution, another great alternative is the free Login Lockdown plugin.

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Both of the plugins have a simple input field. Caching plugins will cache your posts and pages as static HTML files which are served to the users. Importing posts and pages from other WP sites is easy. You can create pages and posts, and with plugins, you can add a lot of functionality included standard in Joomla. Through the use of plugins you can extend its functionality and let it grow as big and complicated as you want. All of your favorite massive blogs area unit creating use of this, and if you’re into online selling exploitation WordPress, you won’t be stunned to hear that a number of your favorite blogs like Copyblogger are creating use of CDN’s. If you’re using a web application firewall (WAF) such as Cloudflare or Sucuri, they also have ways to lockdown a URL path. 2. You also best install a firewall to block the most common attacks. They protects customers from spams and attacks using the best firewalls, routers and servers. For Joomla, it takes about 7 days, although you can push it by using SEO tools.

This has reduced loading speedsignificantly from 2.260 seconds to 0.836 seconds.

This means if your site takes more than three seconds to load, you lose almost half of your visitors before they even arrive on your site. It was as bad as 10 seconds without any caching. This has reduced loading speedsignificantly from 2.260 seconds to 0.836 seconds. This plugin takes care of everything for your and depending on how much JS/CSS you are loading could considerably speed – www.searchenginejournal.com – up your overall load time. 26. Use GTmetrix to determine the actual image size you need images to be, so your site isn’t loading and resizing an image that’s bigger than it needs to be. HOW TO FIX To add a favicon to your site, you need to have your logo created in a 16×16 PNG, GIF or ICO image and uploaded to your web server. HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a mechanism that allows your browser or web application to securely connect with a website.

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This is the cheapest hosting option where your website will be sharing a server with hundreds or, sometimes, thousands of other sites. Or, with the Duo plugin, you first log in with your credentials and are then required to choose an authentication method, such as Duo Push, call, or passcode. And of course, we can’t forget two-factor authentication! If you are running Nginx, you can also restrict access with HTTP basic authentication. The basic difference between WordPress and Joomla is that Joomla is a portal- or community type site while WordPress is a blog. While WordPress empties the trash every 30 days, you could set the purge limit to 7 days and keep to keep your database nice and squeaky. It contains your database login information and security keys which handle the encryption of information in cookies. First of all, developers must avoid raw database queries in WordPress. Essentially you can set up a rule so that only your IP address is able to access your WordPress admin login URL.