speed up wordpress apache By Adele Neuman

By allowing your visitors to comment and share on your website in general and your blog posts in particular, you get a word-of-mouth marketing for free. For comments, I use a plugin called Facebook Comment.

By allowing your visitors to comment and share on your website in general and your blog posts in particular, you get a word-of-mouth marketing for free. For comments, I use a plugin called Facebook Comment. Then, I invited everyone on my Constant Contact list by exporting the contacts from Constant Contact to a separate file and uploading it to my Facebook page. This tool also would show the path to the users easily, for example if they are looking for a contact form or maybe a certain image, with the help of signposts they would find it soon on your website. The third plugin I use for the floating widget, which once again does NOT SHOW UP ON A MOBILE DEVICE. Lastly, the plugin that allows you to connect with me is called Social Media Icons Widget – once you install it, it won’t show up anywhere under Setting or in the Dashboard. This is the Simplest and Smoothest Social Sharing plugin with optimized and great looking vector icons. Social Sharing and Commenting. Of course, you want to have the sharing buttons on BOTH, so you will only use this plugin for excerpts since you now have the first plugin shown on your home page.

  • Lazy loading of Images
  • Too many large images on a page
  • Conflicting Plugins
  • Reaching the Top 5 — most people searching don’t look past the top 5 listings
  • Google and Yahoo Page speed standard optimized website
  • SEO Cleaner

You go there and configure it the way you want. Click on modules and select to edit the WordPress, there change the setting so that your site is always searched for with or without WWW, but not both, there is a drop down box in the Canonical parameter. Professional SEO techniques are one of the issues with most SEO companies giving out advise is that they would tell you time and again to pull down your whole site and re-do the whole thing from scratch. Let’s take a look, and see if we can break this down into a WordPress Design Guide for you. I only use one feature of this plugin, so after installation, I went straight to its Digg Digg / Floating Button Bar / Configuration and I configured it the way you see it now on my website. What really sets dedicated hosting apart from the other options is that your website is the only one residing on the server.

And the images should have a title too, with links and a small description to each of them as well.

Django for the server side. It’s easy to install – simply go to Plugins / Add New / Sociable / Install / Activate, and it will appear on your dashboard on the left hand side on the bottom of the dashboard. In a nutshell, it can automatically process frontend bookings by customers (who want to avoid interaction) as well as enables salon staff to add reservations from the backend (for reservations made over the phone, for example). And the images should have a title too, with links and a small description to each of them as well. Pictures and photos cannot be searched by search engines; hence the description for the same has to be done by you. Remember, the landing page would be an assurance to the search engines that your site is better than the rest and hence would bring a truckload of users searching for something which only you would be able to give.

The search engine spiders would be able to check the relevance within the site with the help of internal references that match the website’s content. According to the reports, the number of Internet users using search engines has steadily increased, so that search engine optimisation becomes more important than ever. Essentially, XML sitemaps help search engine bots crawl your website data faster and more efficiently. You can these days index Shockwave Flash content, but it would be best to make it easy for the search engine spiders to find the links on your site which customers are looking for. What’s great about Goodreads is that it adds value to your SEO: your name and your book’s name will be pushed up in Google search as long as you have a complete profile and stay active. Goodreads. Goodreads is another social media platform, but this one is designed specifically for readers and authors. Measuring your social media performance is a very important element of your marketing.

Nor can I tell you enough stories about how bad book trailers diminished marketing efforts of good authors. And most importantly, there’s a free marketing tool called Giveaway. I added the Facebook page to my Hootsuite social media manager (another great FREE tool) and pre-sceduled once-a-day posts for a month or so. Book Trailer. I can’t emphasize the value a great book trailer adds to the promotion of your book. It’s a great way to promote your book and yourself as an author and expert! The pricing is great for all the features you get. FooGallery – free popular lightweight gallery plugin with great (5 star) reviews. 2. Install the AMP plugin (the one by Automattic). Google AMP provides many benefits, although it also has some potential drawbacks. So, you don’t need to integrate it with Google Analytics. With the help of Google Analytics which measures the traffic flow to your site, and that comes with your account online, it would be easy for you to check the pages which bring in the most attention from online customers. These are what I consider important factors for judging if a WordPress plugin is trustworthy and will help take some of the guesswork out of choosing a trustworthy WordPress plugin.

Optimization using a Plugin – If you are not familiar with phpMyAdmin, using a Plugin is a safer option for you. This plugin is perfect for those who deal with content. The plugin also suggests you a list of words you could add to improve your content. By staying active I mean rate books you read, write a review maybe once a week, add your friends from e-mail and Facebook, add quotes, and definitely make sure you establish an AUTHOR profile. And the best way to make the site run quick would be by the use of the right image types, for example, you should use photos of.JPEG types and graphics that have.PNG. This data could reveal problems, such as users not scrolling all the way to the bottom on a long mobile page or not clicking buttons that appear too small on a mobile device. This is because the size of the file is small and you wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality as well.

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And you should be sure that all images are small but they should have an accurate “alt” text. This would be easier if there are links added to the entries in the body of the WebPages, for example you can use “click here” at the end of the blog post. There are several caching plugins, but WP-Super Cache is a good starting point. Starting out as one of the first security plugins sold on CodeCanyon (with four add-ons available) it moved to a freemium model in 2016. Add-ons were ditched in favor of having just two versions – free and premium. Optimize them, and then compare above-mentioned optimization plugins. Next time when you want to login then use the new username. Drug it to your sidebar and then configure it at your liking. I used Facebook, Twitter, and whatever you see now on my website on the sidebar. This is just more than a tool that would read logs, it helps with goal setting, conversion tracking, helps you to see the exit and the entry pages and also keeps a catalogue of keywords that you can use.