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To link one page (or post, the process is the same) to the next, all you need to do is add a hyperlink or anchor text to a word that relates with the page you’re linking it to. Use keywords that best match what your page is about.

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To link one page (or post, the process is the same) to the next, all you need to do is add a hyperlink or anchor text to a word that relates with the page you’re linking it to. Use keywords that best match what your page is about. It is important to find keywords which have a reasonable search volume but not too much competition. All you have to do is paste your free site’s address into the search bar, and the tool will do the work for you. If you rely on embedding YouTube videos or infographics on your website, you probably noticed they have a set width and height. A website’s theme affects the look and feel of your website, therefore you need to choose a theme that looks good and has the essential features. Ideally, you should go for a theme that allows you to achieve whatever look, feel and functionality you want on your website.

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  • Dated control panel
  • A BigCommerce store. If you don’t have one, the plugin can create a trial store for you
  • Easy way to embed (single) Tweets from Twitter to a post or page
  • Struggles to keep up during traffic floods
  • Enabling gzip Compression, and
  • Debug mode in case you run into any issues

If you want a page to rank for a specific keyword it is essential that you get the on page optimization correct. 1. Go to the page you’re looking to link to and copy the URL of the blog post. You should configure the Permalinks to “Postname” so that the page/post title appears in the URL. The words that are used in permalinks will also be highlighted (as with titles and meta descriptions) in search engine results as well when searches are relevant to a search query. Permalinks section of your WordPress back-end. Title tags are used in the head section of a web page to communicate your page title better to both search engines and visitors. Focusing on keywords and phrases in these areas and implementing it in the Yoast SEO Focus Keyword section can help to boost your WordPress website’s overall visibility to both users and search engines. Meta descriptions themselves don’t influence search rankings, however they’re important for providing a call to action in the search results pages.

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If you don’t specify a meta description, the search engines will typically take the first sentence, which might not be ideal and entice users to visit your site. WordPress SEO plugins can make a valuable contribution to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but they are not a magical solution. Pages and posts can then be built around these keywords. Always use appropriate keywords for the appropriate pages. Because these archive pages aren’t cached by default, a bunch of simultaneous accesses was enough to spike my server load and makes things extremely slow. Just using CloudFlare alone is not enough and there are some hidden settings you can use to vastly improve the speed of your site. So, if you are using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plug-in, you should have %%title%% – %%sitename%% or just%%title%% for your posts title. In addition to the numerous free themes available there are also many paid themes that are SEO optimised.

This can often be done through the use of free WordPress plugins that can crunch image size, or also through the use of a CDN. Let’s begin with the pros of using a CDN. Hacking your site to score high can in fact make your site load slower for users and only further defeat the purpose of using those test scores. A theme is as good as what you can do with it. While selecting a font, check the page load time meter in Google Web Fonts – if it’s in the yellow zone, then it’s probably a good idea not to use it. It’s always a good idea to change one thing at a time and then measure results again. You can find better plan as shared hosting, but it is a bad idea. I have no idea what the issue is although as I blog on human rights and abuses of power quite often, sometimes with an irreverent satirical approach that might have a bearing. This includes things like checking that the keyword has been used in the correct places at an acceptable density, that you have internal links and external links and that external links are nofollow.

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This is known as ‘internal linking’, and is as simple as including relevant links to other posts on your own site when creating or editing content. And the Better Click to Tweet WordPress plugin allows you to use a simple shortcode for making a highlighted text tweetable (without leaving your website). The amp-pixel element is a simple tag that allows you to count page views and track users with a number of customizable variables. Google uses a search algorithm that takes a look at page load times, amongst other parameters, to determine your page rank. What you must not do is write it primarily for the search engines as this will be seen as an attempt to manipulate them and will be punished. Must generate a new one. You don’t want one let alone many redirects, redirecting if that makes sense. After choosing a theme, you want to get your website to go live as soon as possible.